Nuclear power is gradually retreating from its former prominence in the world. Not-very-old phrases such as “nuclear renaissance” have become history, as it has turned out that new reactors do not stand a chance against other sources in an open market environment. Governments have therefore come up with previously unthinkable proposals for various guarantee mechanisms aimed at encouraging potential investors. What will their impacts be? Are they not ignoring other costs that are not reflected in the price of nuclear electricity?

The objective of the international conference NEC 2014 “Economic Limits of the Nuclear Power Industry” was to discuss, in the presence of international and Czech experts, precisely these economic aspects of the nuclear power industry, which condition its future.

Current News:

2 February 2015 – The next edition of Nuclear Energy Conference 2015 entitled "Europe Without Nuclear" will be held in Linz, Upper Austria, on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. As the name suggests, the conference will focus on the possibility of withdrawing from the use of nuclear energy in Europe. Program and further details of the conference on

31 May 2014 – In the Video section, you can now find a video recording of the whole conference except the speech by Professor Kemfert, who wished against it. It is possible thanks to our co-operation with MEMZA and IT EGOLI.

2 May 2014 – The video recording of the debate “Together about Europe: Nuclear energy – an eclipse or revival?” between Mycle Schneider and Vladimír Wagner in English is here. It was organised by People in Need and Czech Radio Plus.